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How to Care for your stone jewelry

Crystals absorb energy so they are very effective at soaking up outside vibrations both positive and negative. When you get your new jewelry it may need to be cleansed to optimize the energy.

Cleaning crystals:

First check if your crystals are water safe. Some crystals may get damaged in water. If your crystals are water safe the easiest way to cleanse them is to run them under tap water or immerse them in salt water. If they are not safe for water, the crystals can be placed in brown rice overnight. Smudging is another way to cleanse any new crystal. My favorite way to cleanse crystals is under moonlight, preferably the full moon. You can place them on a window sill for a few hours or overnight.

Activating your crystals:

Crystals all have unique energy and healing properties. In order to activate the energy you will want to program the crystals.

  • Hold the piece of crystal jewelry in your hands.

  • Picture light surrounding it or hold it up to a light source.

  • Be specific about what you want when using the item to manifest something. The intension you set will be encoded into the matrix of the crystal to assist with manifesting your desires.

  • If using the crystal for healing or energetic protection the intention will not need to be specific. Something like "keep my vibrations positive and protect me from any negative vibrations that may cause me harm."

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